mattdowney April 17, 2014

This incredible video shows how Rextorn Metalwork made the Dragon’s Egg from Game of Thrones. This is breath-taking craftsmanship, it’s worth the 5 minutes.

45royale March 14, 2014

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Our talented design team is growing! What better way to show off their skills than with our brand new Dribbble Team account. We’ll be posting regularly, so make sure to follow us to stay up to date with the gang.

mattdowney February 11, 2014

Italian artist Denis Medri gives us Star Wars reimagined as an 80’s high school. Totally tubular!

mattdowney February 6, 2014

45royale celebrates eight years!

It’s hard to believe, but 45royale turned eight this month. As always, we’d like to take some time to reflect and appreciate all of the people that have helped us over the years. Without the support and trust from our business partners, clients, and family, there’s no way we would have made it this far. Thanks to each and every one of you!

In the time to come, we look forward to serving our fantastic clients, expanding our team, growing the development side of our business, and contributing to the amazing Atlanta web design community. Here’s to another great year!

mattdowney December 15, 2013

The Etymology of Shorty in Hip Hop

An absurdly nerdy look at how hip hop invented the most important slang of our time.

45royale November 20, 2013

Today is our first official day as members of our favorite co-working space, Strongbox West. We’ll be here at least once a week, so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!

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